Blobfolio, if you don’t already know, is a wonderful development team that has a boat load of talent and experience. We have designated this duo as our go-to developers and they have taken on everything from basic HTML/CSS work to building large customized web applications to protecting our clients’ servers. They can do it all and constantly produce quality work for us, so it was our pleasure to give them a little makeover.

Not previously having a logo or identity, it was fun to be able to create something completely new from scratch. We love lettering here at Collision, and with a fun & quirky name, this was a great opportunity to create a custom style that fit their personalities. Learn more about the logo: Blobfolio Logo Design


The new website design is bright and colorful – just like Josh and Tiffany, the Blobfolio duo. Keeping the overall design relatively simple was key, and using cheerful colors and custom-drawn illustrations brought a fun aesthetic without overdoing it. Learn more about the website: Blobfolio Website Design

We were so happy to do this for our dear friends, who we highly recommend by the way if you’re ever in need of some quality web developers!


We made a fun rollover to explain in simple terms exactly it is they do:


Their work & clients page:


Some closeup shots of the detail work:


Visit their website:

This year we decided to do a small run of holiday cards. We did a double-sided print on black French paper. Our junior designer, Zach, screen printed these cards himself. He used white, red, and silver metallic ink. The front of the card is a play off of the Collision logo, keeping the design fun and light-hearted. These horizontal cards fit perfectly in a #10 envelope. Below are some shots of the card:







Check out the holiday card we made for our friends at Firebone this year as well:
Firebone Christmas Card

Happy holidays everyone, be safe & merry, and have a happy new year! – from the Collision Team

10 Cent Beer Night | Collision Labs

We’re big fans of beer here at Collision Labs. Stouts, IPAs, Lagers, we’re happy with everything. That said, every great thing has its downsides. When the 1974 Cleveland Indians offered beers to their fans for just a dime, they found quickly what too much of a good thing does to a mob of people.

Since the baseball fans at that game could get hammered for pocket change, they jumped on the opportunity. It actually led to a gigantic stadium brawl where some people were fighting with nunchucks and metal chains.

Due to the violence and general incompetence, Cleveland was actually forced to forfeit the game to the Texas Rangers. While that sounds somewhat terrifying, I think we all wish we could have been there. Because, hey, cheap beer!

If you’re really interested in Ten Cent Beer Night, here’s some more information:

Holiday Vector Illustrations | Collision Toolbox

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from Collision Labs! We drew up a bunch of great lights, snowflakes, toys and ornaments. Our downloads store, Collision Toolbox, will be opening soon. To celebrate that, we’re giving away all of these holiday illustrations as a free download!

Download the Holiday Vector Illustrations – 2.2 MB

The .zip file contains a Adobe Illustrator .ai and .eps file.

You can use the illustrations in personal work or commercial work. Websites, greeting cards, invites, you name it! Just please read the licensing info and don’t provide the files for resale or rebrand them as your own, etc. Be respectful, but also feel free to place them on virtually any project you like. We hope these files save you some time on those last minute emails, cards, and projects.

Holiday Toys Figures & Facts | Collision Labs

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! Winter is coming. We put together this list of figures and facts because nothing makes toys more fun than cold, hard data.

Collision Toolbox, our store for people who make stuff, will be opening soon! In addition to some really incredible vector resources, illustrations and type, we’ll also be offering all of the Holiday & Christmas Illustrations you see used in this graphic. Robots, sleighs, lights, trees, snowflakes and more! You can download these holiday illustrations for free! Right now!

If you’re interested in finding even more random facts about annual toy sales, model trains, old board games and Santa Claus, our sources are listed below:

Under the Tree: Toys that Made Christmas Special, 1930-1970 by Susan Waggoner

Collision Labs - Thanksgiving Facts Infographic

Thanksgiving comes but once a year (or occasionally twice as stated in the illustration above). Now is a time for us all to reflect inward, and give thanks for our shortened work week. We hope these random Thanksgiving facts and anecdotes will shock and entertain your aunts and uncles as you attmpt to hide how drunk you are.

Illustrations and random facts for this ‘sort-of-infographic’ post were put together by everyone here at Collision in Chicago. So Happy Thanksgiving from Rob, Lisa, Albert, and Zach!

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