Fanskrit Logo Design
Services Provided:
  • logo design
  • custom lettering
  • branding guide
About the Project:

Fanskrit is an online shop that is geared toward collaborating with the design community to create unique sports t-shirts.

The name Fanskrit combines the idea of 'sports fans' and 'sanskrit'. The client wanted the name and look to represent the idea of creating original designs for the fans.

It only made sense to create some custom lettering for a style that was unique to our client's business. Using a combination of straight edges and curved details, we achieved a look that was personalized without being too overly ornate. It is also slightly reminiscent of a sports team name written across a jersey. The overall design is both strong and inviting to the target audience.

We also were asked to custom letter the words "Thank You" in the same style as the custom lettering done for the logo. This lettering will be used on promotional and print material. By stacking the words, it will nicely and easily fit within various shapes so that it's not just one long horizontal phrase. We were able to have a little fun with the letters' positioning by connecting the "n" and "y", and adding a little character by linking the "k" into the "o". Overall, the lettering successfully matches and feels like part of the Fanskrit brand.