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What we do.

Collision is a small design team based in Chicago. We collaborate with clients and creative individuals to produce the kind of work we can be proud of. Focusing on visual design, we keep in mind things like brand consistency and user experience to ensure we meet our standards of quality and your business needs.

Web Design + Development

With our knowledge of the latest design trends and technology, we build websites that both look and function great. We make sure that the foundation and structure of your site works just as well as the visual aesthetics and user experience.

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Print Design + Marketing Material

Print design encompasses a wide variety of items – from the business cards on your desk to the company booklet you hand out at a conference. We incorporate brand consistency and ensure the end result looks great going from screen to paper.

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Logo Design + Brand Development

We create unique brand identities that fit your business needs and make a lasting impression. You are more than a logo, you are a brand. Let’s find an identity that represents who you are and turn that into the kind of business you want to be.

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Meet the team.

Lisa Bun • Owner & Designer
Lisa Bun

Be creative, keep it simple. I’m not a stranger to that idea. From doodling at a young age to designing on my computer today, design is something I have always enjoyed and appreciated. I attended Columbia College Chicago, then interned a bit, was employed for a bit, and freelanced for a bit. After all those bits, I wanted to create my own environment to collaborate with other talented creatives.

I started Collision with a friend in 2010 and now have taken the reins on my own. Collision is a space to create beautiful, functional designs for my clients, collaborate with other talented creatives, and make a living doing what I love.

Location: Chicago, IL
Education: Columbia College Chicago
Favorite Celebrity Human: Jimmy Fallon
Movie I've Watched a Hundred Times: Jurassic Park
Tiffany Stoik • Developer
Tiffany Stoik

I entered the wide world of Web development as a teenager, making Diaryland templates for other teenage girls. From then on I was committed to helping people communicate and connect with others on the Web. I moved on from Diaryland to an open-source blogging software called Greymatter, which was popular in the early 2000s.

Now I focus on helping individuals and companies define themselves on the Internet with free and open-source technologies like WordPress.

Location: Las Vegas, NV
Favorite Color: #00d1cf (turquoise)
Favorite TV Show: Broad City
Work Playlist: Early 2000s top 40 #tbt
Josh Stoik • Developer
Josh Stoik

I broke the first computer I was given access to. Then, naturally enough, I proceeded to break it repeatedly. It was all part of my brilliantly evil plan to figure out how it worked. And I did. I was able to gradually move toward more constructive avenues and began writing small programs to perform useful or entertaining tasks. The programming languages I started with have, of course, long since been retired to the history books, but others, better, have taken their place.

I now develop complex and custom web applications with my wife, Tiffany, and our three domesticated dingos, Dagon, Deilos, and Dactyl.

Location: Las Vegas, NV
Useful Skill: Egg Catching
First Programming Language: QBasic
Favorite Terminal Emulator: Terminator